jSpades Reviews

"I downloaded this game and instantly became more popular with the ladies!" - Some guy on the internet ***

"The real reason it took so long to plug up that oil spill is because we were too busy playing this game." - CEO of BP ***

"If we had reviewed this game instead if those damn Spiderman movies we would still be on the air." - Ebert and Roper at the Movies ***

"Holy $*& this game is *&^% good. When the #()%* is part *(!^&% two coming out?" - Samuel L. Jackson ***

"I should've given Lebron an iPhone with this game already on it. Then he definitely would've signed with us." - Jay Z ***

"You can't play the game holding the phone that way." - Steve Jobs ***

"Crack is whack." - Whitney Houston ***

*** None of these reviews are real, but download the game anyway.

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